Inflatable high bed manufacturing process and production process

Process: Face material feed - Body pull - Belt drawing, encirclement - Belt pressure special nozzle, built-in pump - Outer molding (4 times forming) - Scissors

Steps for each process:

1, surface material feeding:

1.1 alignment marks put the end of the material or feed, pay attention to prevent the surface of the material and material misplaced, affecting the face forming is not enough material or the phenomenon of large tube;

1.2 welding effect compliance;

1.3 tearing method is correct.

2, body pull with:

2.1 cut tape: pull the width of the standard and manufacturing notice consistent, knife mold welding, pay attention to flat enough electricity, pull both sides to play 1CM ventilation holes.

2.2 pull the belt after the mold, pull the welding line to align the center of the mold, can not press the pull on both sides of the ventilation holes.

2.3 alignment mark corresponding to the zipper mold, mold can not turn on, put, pull the mold method is correct, to prevent the folder, cutting materials and other undesirable phenomena;

3, Wai Wai mark, encirclement:

3.1 use the correct stroke mark, to prevent the occurrence of non-welding and other undesirable phenomena;

3.2 mark to be accurate, line to straight

3.3 to ensure that the length of the standard enclosure, encircling docking way, welding line to be beautiful, enough electricity;

4, with pressure special nozzle, built-in pump:

4.1 Note the correct orientation of the accessories, mold mold is correct;

4.2 Moderate power, suppress the appearance, to ensure that enough electricity;

5, outer molding (4 times forming):

5.1 alignment mark line modeling, to prevent the size of the tube, in particular, around the four corners to be aligned, to avoid the phenomenon of distortion;

5.2 cover the material and the bottom of the material is to align the mark can not appear large tube, while moving the cover material when the caution line running from the tube;

5.3 welding effect compliance.

6, cut edge:

6.1 requirements cut straight straight, no triangle, barbed;

6.2 cut edge can not appear multiple openings and the same place openings more than 3 "